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Insurance Careers



Did you know that by 2024, the Ohio insurance industry will need to fill more than 29,000 jobs? The insurance industry is in the midst of a unique talent shift as baby boomers retire and new opportunities emerge for tomorrow's leaders.

Insurance companies are seeking out new talent with a variety of skillsets and interests. Whether you’re considering pursuing an insurance degree, recently graduated and on the job hunt, or looking to make an exciting career change, visit our insurance career-focused website,, where you can:

  • Take our insurance career survey to find what job could be best for you.
  • View the many Ohio educational institutions offering insurance degree programs.
  • Review our career pathways detailing daily responsibilities, educational requirements, important skills, average salaries, and more for dozens of in-demand jobs.


The Institutes Insurance Industry Workplace Readiness Program

Are you looking for support to boost your skills and knowledge to give you the competitive edge in your new or current insurance career?

The Institutes, a non-profit dedicated to insurance education is offering a convenient and affordable program which can do just that! This eight-week, online training program, is exclusive to Ohio residents. Learn more!

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