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Insurance in Ohio

The size and importance of Ohio’s insurance industry can be measured in several ways — but any way you look at it, the Ohio insurance industry is a key economic driver of the state’s economy. With more than 250 insurance companies based in Ohio, jobs and financial security are provided to a workforce of 120,000+ Ohioans and growing. The robust competition among the numerous insurance companies operating in the Buckeye state gives Ohio consumers many choices and some of the lowest rates in the nation. The competitive insurance marketplace in Ohio provides businesses, both large and small, with the right types of coverage that support economic growth, innovation and prosperity throughout the state.


  • The insurance industry is a large state employer with more than 120,000 employees and wages of more than $9.5 billion.
  • More than one third (40%) of the state’s insurance industry employment is in the property/casualty insurance field.
  • Ohio has 70,5865 licensed resident insurance agents with an additional 208,298 licensed non-resident agents.
  • Ohio ranks 7th in the U.S. in insurance industry employment and 2nd in the U.S. for property/casualty insurance employment.
  • The average annual salary for an Ohioan working in insurance in 2020 was $86,100 – that’s 55% higher than Ohio’s average private sector annual salary of $55,378.
  • The insurance industry average salary ranks 2nd highest salary in Ohio.
Insurance Companies in Ohio


Ohioans Average Pay for Auto Insurance (11th lowest)
National Average Pay for Auto Insurance
Ohioans Average Pay for Homeowners Insurance (8th lowest)
National Average Pay for Homeowners Insurance

Property and Financial Security

Insurance enables Ohioans to make long-term commitments and secure a better future. In 2020, insurance played a role in the following:


New Family Dwellings Broke Ground


New Businesses


Car and Truck Sales

8 Million

Drivers Protected in Ohio


Schools Protected, Built & Maintained



The number of Ohio colleges & universities offering insurance degrees, specializations, or certificates to meet the growing number of in-demand jobs.

Economic Contributions

$640 Million

The amount of taxes paid by Ohio insurance companies in 2020, ranking Ohio 11th highest in the nation.

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