About Us

The Ohio Insurance Institute (OII) is a member-run trade organization comprised of P/C insurance companies and related organizations throughout the state of Ohio.

Our members include leading domestic, regional and national P/C insurance companies, trade groups and related organizations. Our primary objective: To help Ohioans achieve a better understanding of insurance and related safety issues.

To attain this goal, OII provides services in three areas:

  • Public Information
  • Education
  • Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

OII began operations in 1968. Its predecessor, the Underwriters Service Association, Inc., was chartered in 1932. In 1968, the Underwriters Service merged with the Ohio Insurance Information Service to form the OII. The Insurance Federation of Ohio, founded in 1970, merged with the Ohio Insurance Institute in 1989 to provide expanded services.

Who we represent

Our members include 33 domestic P/C companies, 14 foreign P/C insurers and reinsurers, eight insurance trade associations and three insurance-related organizations.

OII’s member companies represent over 87% of Ohio’s private passenger auto insurance market, nearly 83% of the homeowners market and over 44% of the commercial market (based on 2015 market share data from the Ohio Department of Insurance).

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