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Another first for OII!

AwardOII may represent P/C insurance companies in Ohio, but we recently received global acclaim. Earlier this month we received the Fundación MAPFRE International Insurance Award. OII is the first US recipient of a social outreach award from the foundation arm of our member company, MAPFRE (@MAPFRE). OII was selected for its InsuranceCareers.org website initiative. OII Insurance Matters takes a look at what this award means to the future of our insurance careers program. (VIEW POST)

Re-posting: Wind/rain/tornado damage? Here’s how insurance has you covered

OHOutlook(June 22, 2016) High winds and heavy rains are possible in parts of Ohio over the next 24 hours. OII is re-posting its April news release with info on how insurance protects your property from high wind and rain losses. Resources on claims and safety tips too. (VIEW RELEASE)


Possible relief to Ohio’s predatory towing issues

model car in a mousetrapWith the introduction of amendments to HB 341, the tide may finally turn on the state’s predatory towing problem. The provisions provide financial and hardship relief to Ohio consumers and establish a review board for resolving towing fee disputes. In this edition of OII Insurance Matters, we look at past and current legislative approaches to resolving this costly burden to Ohio vehicle owners and their insurers. (VIEW POST)

Pricey tailgate thefts decline in Ohio and US

Tailgate(June 15, 2016) Thefts of tailgates across the US declined 6 percent in 2015, reversing a five-year trend. The NICB also reports a 31% decline in tailgate thefts in Ohio. The cost to replace a tailgate can be pricey, averaging $1,000–$3,000. The NICB release and full report are posted online. Online bonus! Ohio tailgate thefts by city 2014-15. (VIEW RELEASE)

NICB 2015 Hot Spots auto theft report finds some Ohio metros with increases

HotWheelsTheftCORRECTED 9:15 a.m.  (June 7, 2016) According the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s 2015 Hot Spots report, eight of the nation’s top 10 auto theft hot spots are located in California. OII notes that 11 of the 15 Ohio metro areas in the NICB Hot Spots report show a decline in auto theft rates between 2014 and 2015,.
Cleveland remains the top Ohio city based on its 2015 auto theft rate and number of thefts, but fewer than in 2014. Dayton and Columbus are second and third highest in Ohio, based on their US theft rankings. Rounding out Ohio’s top five cities are Toledo and Springfield. (VIEW RELEASE)

2016 OII premium trend report: What’s driving Ohio’s auto & homeowners insurance environment?

trend analysisWith the March 1 Ohio Department of Insurance announcement of Ohio’s auto and homeowners insurance premium rankings, the Ohio Insurance Institute (OII) delves into the factors affecting them. OII reports that although Ohioans will likely see an uptick in their insurance premiums, they’ll likely not be as severe as in most other parts of the US. See our 2016 Ohio Auto and Homeowners Insurance Trend Report for details. (VIEW REPORT)