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Are you winter-ready?

Snow_HouseThe timing of Ohio’s Winter Safety Awareness Week (Nov. 16-22) and our first encounter with snow, ice and freezing temps has many of us scurrying to complete our winter prep checklist. OII Members also shared seasonal tips and tricks to help in accomplishing just that. Check out our recent OII Insurance Matters member spotlight post featuring winter preparedness tips for home and travel. (VIEW POST)

Auto insurance: Life after a DUI

DUIThere’s never a good reason to drink and drive. The costs and potential harm far outweigh any reason to do so. But, life happens, and we’re here to guide you through the process of securing auto insurance following a DUI. Although insurance is available to most drivers following a DUI, it’ll cost you in the short-term. See our OII Insurance Matters post on obtaining post-DUI auto insurance coverage. (VIEW POST)

2014 Fall Seminar presentations

logos View presentations from the OII/OAMIC/B&E Fall Seminar, Change + Challenge = Opportunity: The Evolution of Our Industry, held October 16th.

Test-driving technology for home & travel

social media conceptTechnology is the new fast food. It’s the latest and greatest of conveniences designed to make our lives simpler. Recently, a few OII Member blogs addressed technological advancements and how they make our roadways, homes and lives safer and more dynamic. OII Insurance Matters takes a look at some of these technologies through the eyes of our members. (VIEW POST)

Statewide deer-vehicle collisions continue decline – Stay alert in coming months

DeerOctober 1, 2014 (Columbus) — Drivers beware – the risk of colliding with deer is greater in the next few months, warn officials from several state organizations. The increase in risk from Oct.–Jan. is primarily due to peak deer mating season. Although reported deer-vehicle crashes statewide declined 3.8 percent in 2013, driver awareness in the coming months is critical. Stats, tips and more. (VIEW RELEASE)

What’s in a VIN?

VINDid you know your car has its very own birth certificate? That’s one way to describe its vehicle identification number (VIN). No two vehicles have the same series of 17 numbers and letters. They’re as important to your vehicle as your Social Security number is to you. OII Insurance Matters decodes the VIN and explains why it’s important to your safety. (READ POST)

Economic impact of Ohio’s insurance industry

InsinOHPic(Aug. 2014) Take a look at Ohio’s insurance industry, now over 97,000 people-strong. It’s big in terms of employment and economic growth, providing Ohioans with financial stability necessary to own a home, run a business and start a family. OII takes you inside one of Ohio’s leading industries in its 2014 edition of Insurance in Ohio. Want more? See our full list of Ohio insurance industry resources to learn more about one of Ohio’s leading forces behind business and economic growth.