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OII’s guide to 40 insurance career resource links just ahead of Insurance Careers Month

careerlinksguideOII is getting ready for February’s Insurance Careers Month — an industry-wide effort to share what so many of us already know: Insurance has a variety of rewarding careers to offer. We’ve compiled a ‪job links resource guide to our 40 member companies and organizations. ‬In this edition of OII Insurance Matters we feature our guide and quick links to other insurance career resources. (VIEW POST)


8 insurance tip guides to start your new year right

Tips2Staying true to our commitment to helping Ohioans understand insurance coverage and related safety issues, we’ve started a new series of tip sheets on everything from understanding the claims process to saving on your insurance needs. View our starter hack pack in this edition of OII Insurance Matters. (VIEW POST)

OII members recognized for their giving ways

omig2The spirit of volunteerism and the significance of community involvement is alive and well in the insurance industry. In this edition of OII Insurance Matters, we salute our members who provide ongoing support to programs and services that benefit families, charities and community enrichment throughout the year.
We share more about the industry’s generosity through our social outreach initiative using the hashtag #InsurersGiveBack. @OIIOrg’s giving-back initiative began December 14 and runs through year-end. Join us in retweeting the ways that insurers are giving back…In the spirit on the season, of course! (VIEW POST)

REPOSTING: OII winter resource guide revisited

DogWinter(December 16, 2016) Based on the blizzardly blast that’s affecting the state, Mother Nature may not be aware that winter doesn’t officially arrive until next week. OII reposts its winter resource guide that provides a variety of helpful how-tos and reminders, including:

NICB: Ohio scrap metal theft claims are down but…
Source: The Drum

Source: The Drum

(Nov. 17, 2016) The good news: Ohio scrap metal thefts are down.
The bad news: Ohio is still tops in the nation for metal theft claims.
The NICB report for 2013-15 shows Ohio metal theft claims dropped nearly 9 percent from last year’s report for 2012-14.
According to the Ohio Insurance Institute (OII), Ohio metal thefts are at their lowest point since 2010. In 2015, 1,070 metal thefts were reported statewide. OII notes that between 2014 and 2015, Ohio metal theft claims declined nearly 30 percent, besting the US decline of 23 percent. (VIEW RELEASE)

A dozen uses for TIKE child safety stickers

tike stickerSince its start, OII has distributed close to 3/4 of a million TIKE emergency info car seat stickers. We’ve focused our efforts on families, safety groups, insurers, doctors, law enforcement, fire departments, emergency responders and countless others who share our common interest in child safety. TIKE stickers provide identifying info to emergency personnel should a crash disable the adults in the vehicle. The neon green sticker is placed on a child’s car or booster seat, and includes an emergency contact and the child’s medical information.
The feedback we receive on our program keeps us going. Over the years, TIKE families and friends have shared how they are using them. We’ve been so inspired by these responses that in this edition of OII Insurance Matters we share 12 creative uses sent to us from program supporters. (VIEW POST)

Theft of vehicles with keys left inside on the rise in Ohio & US

CarKey(November 2, 2016) The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reports one in eight vehicle thefts in 2015 was an easy steal. That’s because the driver left keys inside the stolen vehicle. It’s a growing problem in Ohio and the US. NICB reports that between 2013-15, theft of vehicles with keys left inside increased by 31 percent.
Ohio ranks fourth highest in the US for these thefts during the 2013-15 reporting period, and an Ohio metro area made the top 10 list of US cities for vehicle thefts with keys. OII provides a statewide and top Ohio cities report on these thefts. (VIEW RELEASE)

A closer look at Ohio’s auto & homeowners premium trends

PremTrend(Oct. 6, 2016) Ohio’s average 2015 homeowners insurance premium hike was 1.5% and auto premiums rose 2.3%, according to today’s report from the Ohio Department of Insurance. These are some of the lowest increases in recent years. OII takes an in-depth look at Ohio’s premium trends to help consumers understand the current insurance environment and factors affecting it. (VIEW REPORT)