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Beware: Ohio Deer-Vehicle Collisions Up

DVPic2016(September 19, 2016) Ohio drivers beware: We’re about to head into peak deer mating season. This year’s risk of colliding with deer may be even greater. Statewide figures show an increase of nearly 7% in deer-vehicle collisions between 2014-15. See our collaborative annual deer-vehicle collision report/release with stats, insurance coverage, safety tips and more. (VIEW RELEASE)

OII Salutes its Insurance Educator of the Year and Speakers Network Award Winners

Jason Wheeler

Meet Jason M. Wheeler, OII Insurance Educator of the Year. Jason is a personal finance teacher at Olentangy Liberty High School in Powell.
Jason, along with four members of the Ohio Insurance Institute Speakers Network were recently honored during an awards banquet held in conjunction with the OII Annual Meeting. Speakers Network award recipients are: Paul Johnson, Don Spickler, Amanda Frank and Philip Glesser.
VIEW Insurance Educator of the Year release
VIEW Speakers Network Awards release

Check out OII’s new insurance careers video

MapfreBig things are in store for OII’s Insurance Careers site as the first US recipient of the Fundación MAPFRE International Insurance Award. This edition of OII Insurance Matters features our video highlighting Ohio’s insurance career challenges and how this award enables us to expand our outreach to attract new talent to the variety of jobs available in Ohio and across the US. (VIEW POST)

NICB report: Catalytic converter thefts prevalent in Ohio

Catalytic converter(Sept. 8, 2016) The NICB reports that Ohio catalytic converter thefts rank fourth highest in the US for the eight-year period of 2008-15. OII’s release includes an Ohio catalytic converter theft report (based on NICB data) and an FAQ on converter thefts. Also provided are key resource links to NICB’s information. (VIEW RELEASE)

Ohio’s insurance industry in a major growth spurt

OII-IIIO-Brochure-2016-WSThere’s a lot to love about Ohio’s insurance industry. In fact, it’s experiencing one of the biggest growth spurts this state has ever seen. From job growth and employment opportunities to its impact on Ohio’s bottom line, this edition of OII Insurance Matters takes a look at its overall impact featuring highlights from the 2016 edition of Insurance in Ohio. (VIEW POST)

OII member hacks for auto, home and safety

Tips and TricksOII members span a broad range in size and scope. Their expertise shines in the vast array of helpful information they share each month. We want to acknowledge the sound advice our members offer. In this edition of OII Insurance Matters we’ve curated a number of recent posts that showcase their tips and tricks, ranging from personal protection to hacks for your home and auto. (VIEW POST)

Road Debris Danger: An Eyesore and More
Courtesy of Utah Department of Transportation

Utah Dept. of Transportation

An encounter with furniture, mattresses, garbage, and even appliances that litter our roadways is not uncommon. Unfortunately neither are crashes caused by improper (and often illegal) methods of transporting such items. In this edition of OII Insurance Matters, we take a look at the dangers of debris-related crashes, how to avoid them and how insurance protects you from assault by a flying mattress. And yes, it happens! (READ POST)