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Classroom speaker
Teachers can request a guest speaker through OII’s Speakers Network. These are industry professionals that volunteer their time and talent to meet with your students. Trained to lead discussions about insurance, they help simplify the complexities of auto or renters and homeowners insurance. OII makes the arrangements. Please allow 40 minutes per presentation.

Schedule a classroom guest speaker using the form below.

Classroom resources
Order classroom resources, CDs and DVDs using the same form below.

NOTE: If you don’t receive OII confirmation within 15 days of submitting a request for resources or services, please contact us or call 1-800-331-6394.

ALSO SEE: OII’s Teaching Insurance brochure that also includes an order form.

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CD Titles
Yes Teaching Your Teen to Drive
Yes How We All Benefit from Insurance
DVD Titles
Yes Red Asphalt V DVD only
Yes Risk-Responsibility-Reality:
How Insurance Works
DVD only
FREE Master DVD Date Needed
Yes Receive OII's free DVD that includes 6 videos to help teens understand driver safety and insurance concepts. Click here for titles and details. DVD only
FREE Brochures for Ohio educators (Also available online. Click on link.) Date Needed Quantity
Yes Understanding Renters/Homeowners Insurance
Yes Understanding Automobile Insurance
OII Fact Pak brochures (Also available online. Click on link.)
Yes Auto Insurance
Yes Ohio's Financial Responsibility Law
Yes Auto Accident Checklist
Yes Ohio's Point System for Traffic Violations
Yes Homeowners, Renters and Condo Insurance
Yes Flood Insurance
Yes Insurance Consumer Tips
Yes Crime Prevention Tips
Yes Tornado Safety Tips
Yes Winter Safety Tips
Severe Weather Safety (Also available online. Click on link.)
Yes Tornado coloring/activity sheet