TIKE car seat stickers: Keeping your young passengers safe

TIKE is a child safety car seat sticker that provides identifying information to emergency personnel should an accident render the adults in the vehicle unresponsive. Once completed, the bright neon green sticker placed on your child’s car seat provides emergency contact and medical information to first responders. See sticker placement info below.

Since 2003 OII has provided TIKE stickers at no cost, thanks to the generosity of our members who share in our commitment to child safety. To date, we’ve distributed over 750,000 TIKE stickers across Ohio, around the country and world.

Through the years, we continue to acknowledge the International Association of Insurance Professionals who contacted OII seeking co-sponsorship of its program. Their outreach has turned this into a top safety initiative of our organization.

TIKE Saves Lives

On the back of the sticker is the following story, serving as the program’s purpose:

In 1995 a six-month-old boy was involved in a head-on crash while riding with a relative. The driver was rendered unconscious and the child suffered a life-threatening head injury, with no way to identify him. Emergency responders were only able to trace his parents through an address book found in the wreckage. Valuable time was lost. The child was airlifted to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery and subsequently recovered.

To Order

TIKE stickers are available in English and Spanish/English. You don’t have to live in Ohio to request them. Order by email from the Ohio Insurance Institute. Include your mailing address, quantity and version(s) of the sticker with your request. All we ask in return is that you “like” our Facebook page.

Stickers are available to anyone – families, safety groups, pediatricians, childcare providers, law enforcement, fire departments, EMS responders, hospitals, mom groups, insurance companies and agencies, local businesses, schools and community agencies – that cares about child safety.

Sticker Placement

OII recommends placing the TIKE sticker on a flat surface of the car or booster seat in a location that is not readily visible to passerbys. This can also be on the side of the seat for quicker identification by emergency responders. Please remember that the sticker includes personal info that you may not want others to readily see.

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