Feb. 13, 2017

1) Editorial: Lawmakers should revisit payday loans

2) Franklin County’s 911 centers sharing technology to receive texts

3) Delhi Man Banks On Safe Room To Ride Out Tornado

4) Taxpayers in municipalities with police departments shouldn’t have to foot the bill for police protection for others

On the hook for another $50?

Gov. Wolf puts price tag on state police

5) Why Predictive Modeling Is Gaining as Fraud Fighting Tool

6) Ford bets $1B on self-driving car startup

Ford investing $1 billion in Pittsburgh startup to help develop driverless cars

7) Insurers, agents and brokers can be valuable partners in helping schools prevent concussion in student athletes

8) 5 reasons to love insurance (yes, insurance)

9) Father of Tesla driver: ‘In another vehicle she would have been alive’

10) Michigan Insurance Department Launches Online Complaint Form

11) Wisconsin Governor Lets Apartment Sprinkler Requirement Stand

12) Suffolk police to invest in drones as part of tech upgrade

13) 4 insurance musts for couples getting married — or divorced

14) Storms, water claims shake insurance market — but Post guide can help

15) Flood Risk Near Oroville Dam Causes Thousands to Evacuate in California

Crews work to seal California spillway that forced evacuations

16) UK plans to remove insurance barriers for self-driving cars

17) Get Uber’s self-driving trucks off the road: watchdog

Arizona lawmaker pushes for Uber instead of state vehicles

Editorial: No more waiting on ride-sharing

Lawmakers Move Forward On Uber, Lyft Regulations