OII Member Spotlight: Top weather preparation tips from March


Are You Ready ConceptRain, snow, ice, strong winds, clouds, and sunshine—We saw it all in March! As the season transitions from wintery stillness and cold, to the green and growth of spring, each elemental force seems to show its face. These elements, and their varying magnitude, can wreak havoc on unsuspecting homes, cars and people.

Luckily our members are here to help, offering timely tips to help you and yours prepare for weather’s unexpected twists and turns.

Allstate helps you spot hail damage

You cannot mistake hail. Ranging in size from smaller than a pea to larger than a baseball, this solid form of precipitation has that distinct sound as it hits windshields and household windows.

Damage from hail is the result of impact, as hailstones can reach speeds of up to 120 mph while plummeting to the ground.

How can you identify possible damage after a storm of this kind subsides? Allstate provides the following tips:

  • Look around your home for dents, cracks and breaks.
  • Compare damage done to nearby trees and shrubs against your home’s visible damages. If there’s a variance, it may hint that areas that are less visible (such as your roof) have also been damaged.
  • If it was outside, inspect your car for signs of damage.

For more, read the full post, “How to Spot Hail Damage On Your Home” here. 

Cincinnati Insurance Companies prepares you for power outages

It’s a blackout! Many of us would define a power outage as the ‘ultimate inconvenience.’ We don’t realize our heavy reliance on power until it’s unexpectedly taken from us.

Extreme weather, such as an ice and snowstorm or high winds, can cause fallen branches and trees or ice to weight down power lines, wiping out a power grid entirely.  During periods of severe weather, you can lose power for a few seconds to days on end, depending on the severity of the outage and where you live.

Cincinnati Insurance realizes that when the lights go out, there’s much to be done to compensate. Keep in mind the following:

  • Refrigerated medications will be good for a few hours, but know what you will need to do once this timer runs out.
  • Keep a back-up battery on hand for powered medical equipment.
  • Stock up on water and blocks of ice to keep refrigerator contents cool.
  • Have a battery-powered emergency radio in your emergency kit.

For more tips see the post, “Lights out: Preparing for extended power outages” here. 

Westfield Insurance cautions on winter’s slick conditions 

Slips, trips and falls. These accidental happenings catch us unexpectedly, especially during colder months when snow and ice make walkways slick.

While Westfield’s tips primarily focus on preventing falls in the workplace, key takeaways are most certainly applicable outside of the office as well:

  • Maintain sidewalks, stairwells, parking lots and entryways. Keep them free of debris, cracks and holes. Inspect regularly for general wear and tear, and repair as needed.
  • Keep frequently walked areas well lit. The iciest conditions can be hard to spot in the dark. Keep outdoor areas where family and friends pass through well lit to be sure they will be able to see and avoid possible dangers.

For additional considerations see the full post, “Baby It’s Cold (and SLICK) Outside: Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls” here.

American Family Insurance turns your Smartphone into tornado warning & prep device

As we head into the 2014 tornado season, now is a good time to review tornado safety procedures and preparation that can be life-saving. While not a part of Tornado Alley, Ohio averages about 16 tornados per year according to the National Weather Service.

Typically ranging from April through July, Ohio’s tornado season is one you and your family should prepare for. American Family Insurance is here to help—with smartphone apps.

Download to discover:

To learn more about mobile application capabilities for twister preparedness, see American Family’s full post, “Is your smartphone prepared for tornado season?” here.

OII takes on safety weeks

 OII Insurance Matters also covered a couple timely topics to arm you with resources to weather the storm.

Our recent writings included two posts to help prepare for spring’s seasonal forces:

Posted: April 4, 2014