Fire Prevention Week resources

KitchenChecklistAccording to the National Fire Protection Association (@NFPA) 44% of reported home fires are related to cooking, a leading cause of residential building fires.

To increase awareness and prevention of such fires, the theme of this year’s Fire Prevention Week – October 6-13 – is “Prevent Kitchen Fires.”

Because there’s so much credible information already posted on this timely issue, we decided to list some of our favorite fire safety links and resources that we happened across in the past couple of weeks.

Our apologies in advance if we overlooked your company or organization. Why not add your fire safety resources in our comments section below?

Resources and tips to raise awareness

Fire safety coloring sheets
Fire safety series coloring sheets for kids and teachers (Ohio Insurance Institute—@OIIOrg)
Whether it’s a big cloud of evil smoke, “stop, drop, and roll” tips, or houses on fire, these sheets will help your kids learn about fire safety in both a visual and interactive way.

Fire Prevention Week materials
Resources for teachers, families and firefighters (National Fire Protection Association—@NFPA), including:
•  How-to guides, safety tips and media hand-outs for firefighters
•  Classroom activities, interactive whiteboard lessons, facts and worksheets for teachers
•  For children and families, a site featuring Sparky the Fire Dog has a variety of downloadable activities and tips to keep every member of your household safe

Home fires
Fire facts and tips before/during/after a fire (FEMA—@FEMA)
Know what to expect and how to react—from first spark to full-blown fire. Includes information on prevention, additional FEMA resources and quick links, to help you stay safe.  

7 tips for protecting your home from fire
Infographic (Trusted Choice—@Trusted_Choice)
When was the last time you took a home inventory? Created a house plan? Installed fire extinguishers? Know the answer to these items and more to keep your home protected in case sparks fly.

Fire safety-related info from insurance companies

Don’t Get Burned: Use Common Sense Fire Safety Practices
American Family Insurance (@AmFam)
Some fire tips may seem like common sense. American Family thinks so, providing some quick and easy tips to prevent fires from spreading. 

The ABCs of Fire Extinguishers – What You Need to Know
Central Insurance Companies (@Central_Ins)
Did you know there are different types of fire extinguishers, built to tackle different types of fires? Central Insurance provides the information you need to know to purchase the ones you may need most.

Smoke alarms save lives
Cincinnati Insurance Companies
Have you checked your smoke alarms lately? Cincinnati Insurance provides a few tips to make sure you not only have the detectors you need, but fully understand their importance in your home.

Warm Up Your Autumn Nights with Outdoor Fires
Erie Insurance (@erie_insurance)
We know it’s important to prevent unwanted fires, but what do you do when you want to create one safely? Erie Insurance provides a few tips for a safe outdoor fire season.

National Fire Prevention Week 2013
Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance (@GrinnellMutual)
How quickly can a kitchen fire spread? Grinnell Mutual provides a burn cell demonstration video worth a view, as well as tips to keep your kitchen safe.

Don’t Get Burned: Fire Safety Tips to Prevent Kitchen Fires
Nationwide Insurance  (@Nationwide)
Nationwide’s infographic on fires tips and statistics on kitchen fires helps put things into perspective, including the NFPA statistic that one in 22 households will experience a cooking-related fire each year.

It’s Fire Prevention Week!
West Bend Mutual Insurance Company (@WBSilverlining)
Regardless of type—heat, electrical, or kitchen— West Bend Mutual has compiled a list of tips to help your family stay safe and prevent fires from starting. 

Fire Safety Tips for Hospitality Operations
Westfield Insurance (@WestfieldIns)
Those in the restaurant business know that a fire can start easily and spread rapidly. Westfield provides tips to help restaurants prepare their staff for unfortunate instances, including having an escape plan in place. 

Be proactive

Keep these tips, statistics, and resources in mind to help prevent kitchen fires from ever occurring in your home. A few preventative measures in place can make all the difference to keep you, your belongings and family members safe.


Posted: October 11, 2013