Ohio Winter Weather

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Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness: 2010-11 winter summary
OII Winter storm history through 2011
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Wind chill temperature index

The National Weather Service implemented a revised wind chill temperature index in 2001. The index (shown below) uses scientific and technological advancements, along with computer modeling to provide a more accurate and useful index.

This improved wind chill formula produces significantly warmer temperatures than the previous version.

For additional information, visit the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness winter campaign at www.ema.ohio.gov/.

Source: National Weather Service

The Northeast Storm Impact Scale, a new 1 to 5 rating system similar to those used to classify hurricanes and tornadoes, was revealed on March 10, 2004. The scale was developed by the National Weather Service and The Weather Channel. According to the new scale, the most devastating blizzard in over 100 years hit the Northeast in the winter of 1993.
(USA Today, 3/10/04)