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Tornadoes in Ohio and US

Ohio, positioned geographically on the eastern edge of what has come to be known as “tornado alley,” is no stranger to tornadoes. In fact, Ohio experiences an average of 16 tornadoes each year, not to mention the hundreds of severe thunderstorms. Ohio’s peak tornado season runs from April through July, with most tornadoes occurring between 2 and 10 p.m. Even though June has been the month with the most tornado occurrences, many of the state’s major tornado outbreaks have taken place in April and May. However, history has proven that tornadoes can occur during any month of the year at any time of the day or night.

In 2004, there were eight confirmed tornadoes in Ohio resulting in one injury and no deaths. A violent tornado hit in Ohio in 2000, reaching an F4 intensity on the Fujita tornado scale. This tornado ripped through Xenia on September 20 and damaged over 300 homes and businesses, resulting in one death and nearly 100 injuries.

Another recent twister ripped through Van Wert on November 10, 2002. Van Wert tornado information can be found below.

Insurance coverage for tornado damage

Tornado losses to a home are covered by the windstorm peril under the homeowners insurance policy. Protection from windstorm or hail damage for cars is covered under the “other than collision” (comprehensive) portion of the automobile insurance policy.

The US had record high counts of tornadoes in August and September 2004, with most of the storms generated by the parade of hurricanes that struck the south. The Commerce Department's Storm Prediction Center said 247 twisters were reported in September, 117 of them associated with Hurricane Frances. Accurate tallies have been kept only since 1950, with the previous September record of 139 tornadoes set in 1967, the center said. The average number of twisters for the month is 47. The tornado total for August 2004 was 173, compared with the previous record of 126 in 1979.
(The New York Times, 10/8/04)

Source: National Weather Service

Source: National Weather Service

2003 Top 10 Tornado Occurrence States
Texas 1 155 0
Illinois 2 119 2
Kansas 3 92 11
Missouri 4 81 16
Nebraska 4 81 2
South Dakota 4 81 0
Oklahoma 5 76 0
Arkansas 6 61 0
Mississippi 7 50 0
Minnesota 8 46 0
Ohio 24 13 0
NATIONAL 1,376 54
Source: Insurance Information Institute, Fact Book 2005

For additional information, visit the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness spring campaign at

This November storm spawned several tornadoes in Ohio killing five and injuring 26. At least four tornadoes with winds exceeding 100 mph were reported in Van Wert County. The National Weather Service tracked a tornado through Twinsburg, Macedonia, and Solon. Another twister hit Ashland and Medina counties, and yet another touched down in Wayne County.

According to a survey by the Ohio Insurance Institute, losses from this storm exceeded $103 million, making it one of the costliest Ohio disasters in recent history.

Source: Graphic used with permission from Columbus Dispatch, November 12, 2002




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